Amsterdamview x Paris tips!

Paris, the city of love, and do we love it! Over the past few weeks our team members Ananda van Doorn and Raquel Cayuela have visited this amazing city and we are so happy that they did! Together they’ve collected their favorite photo’s and favorite hotspots and must-visits for the urban minded Paris visitor.
Now we have the perfect combination to share of both photography and top highlights for all you Paris lovers out there!


Roaming through the streets of this beautiful city there are many photogenic sceneries on every nook and corner. You cannot turn around and not stumble on amazing houses, small streets and boutique café’s.

1) Go by Thalys if you live in NL or Belgium. So much better than by car or plane! Comfortable seats and you are there super fast.
2) Rent a bike and explore the city
3) NEVER order a cappuccino in a French cafe. You will get cold foam, if you can even call it foam. Look for actual coffee spots if you can’t live without it.
4) Favorite area is Le Marais. Add it to your list!
5) Buy your tickets online for places you want to visit. No need to stand in super long queues if you buy your ticket online!



Next to the urban to go tips, they have of course selected their favorite places to have a bite to eat. Prepare to be amazed!

1) Pink Mama! This friendly restaurant is known for it’s amazing vibe and photogenic scenery. Almost every section is grammable and you will not regret going here if food is bae. Every thing on the menu is simple, yet amazing!
2) Frenchie to go! The infamous Frenchie is already known for their pulled pork and now with Frenchie to go you can have all the fine things that makes Frenchie lovable… on the go! Hop in, select your favorite sandwich and your latte and you’re on your way!
3) Frenchie au vin! Want the more deluxe version of Frenchie and treat yourself to the finest French cuisine and exquisite wine selection? French au vin is your go to place!
4) Fragments; one of the best coffee places in town for all you true coffee lovers out there! A perfect place to stop by while visiting the Third Arrondissement!
5) Cafe République! This no-nonsense restaurant offers a wide menu where you can choose your favorites from. The perfect place to have a easy dinner and glass of wine after a day of strolling through Paris!
6) Merci! This concept store is a absolute must-see when visiting Paris for the first (of 50th time). The combination of conceptual design in an industrial location creates the absolute perfect vibe. All the latest designs on fashion, interior design, flora and lightening are brought together in this amazing place and all proceedings go to Le Fonds de Dotation Merci, a non profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of children in Madagaskar.


pictures by @raquel.cayuela
text by @anafranic.xx
tips by @anandavandoorn & @raquel.cayuela

Ana Franic

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