A French experience at Pillows Anna van den Vondel


You never know what secrets some of Amsterdam’s finest boutique hotels hide. Near Vondelpark, you will find Pillows Anna van den Vondel. Upon entering the building you immediately receive a warm welcome from the friendly staff who make it their job to make you feel comfortable and guide you to their living area. This first location of Pillows Boutique Hotels will surprise you with their bright yet cozy living room overlooking the gardens of Amsterdam where you can easily spend several hours.


Since a month the hotel launched a new dining experience inspired by the French, known as table d’hôtes. Derived from chambre d’hôtes, or how we know it: Bed & Breakfast, the table d’hôtes is a common practice amongst Bed & Breakfasts in France where the owners offer their guests a home cooked meal or entire diner with regional products, the finest wines and all guests are welcome to join in and dine together with the family.


Inspired by this tradition, Pillows Anna van den Vondel welcomes everyone for an unique 3 course meal with an exquisite wine selection; they invite the neighbors, passers-bys and hotel guest to join in on the big table next to the open kitchen where you can watch the chef prepare the meals and join you in for dinner and talks.


Three different chefs welcome you from Monday to Thursday, making each day a different culinary experience. Inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, our chef Yao Parris cooked us up an amazing three course meal: Portobello mushrooms stuffed with Brie, walnut, pancetta and basil oil sitting on a bed of rocket salad as starter. A soft and tender ribeye steak with pearl couscous, haricot verts and fried pistachio nuts as main dish and to just top this all off he served a white chocolate mousse with red fruits for desert. All of this complemented with their white and red wine selection during the meal and coffee and tea at the end.


We had a nice chat with the chef who joined us in on the dinner and enthusiastically told us all we wanted to know about this concept. Experiencing the table d’hôtes how it was intended, he was absolutely right in one thing, quote: ‘food is like art and like art it talks to you and back at you, making it the perfect conversation starter and icebreaker between people who are at first strangers and during dinner become acquainted.’


If you want to join in on the experience reserve your spot right here from Monday to Thursday, dinner starts at 19.00 and be quick as there are only 8-10 spots available at the table!

Anna van den Vondelstraat 6 in Amsterdam

Price for the table d’hôtes : €45 including wine arrangement and coffee/tea

text by @anafranic.xx

pictures by @raquel.cayuela

Ana Franic

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