10 weekendtips for 9th & 10th of June

FRIYAY FRIYAY FRIYAY! Time for the weeeeekeeend!! Check out our top weekend tips!

  1. Mr. Nieges is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday on June 9th! One of our fav little gems in the city centre is an official toddler! Check out the event right here.
  2. Have you always wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum with professionals and learn more about art? This Saturday is your chance during the Saturday Art Tour. Check out all info right here.
  3. In memoriam of the beloved artist formerly known as Prince, the Beurs van Berlage is showing My Name is Prince. All about the life and legacy of the legendary artist. All info can be checked out right here.
  4. The Amsterdamview teams loves the Big Apple! So we were delighted to hear that Richard Koek is exposing his work at the Eduard Plantinga gallery. Up until June 30rd we can enjoy his expo New York New York!
  5. How well do you know all the different quarters of Amsterdam? This Saturday is your chance to get to know the hidden treasures of Amsterdam West during the Open Tuinen Dag West. Take the map and visit all the beautiful green spots in the westside of Amsterdam! All info right here.
  6. Have you already visited the carnival on NDSM werf? If not…. GO VISIT! A traditional carnival set in the midsts of the industrial NDSM is a sight for sore eyes and we love everything about it!
  7. World Press Photo is still running, but not for long so make sure you visit before your miss out on it!
  8. Put on your sneakers and charge up your camera and sign up for the Urban Photo Race this Saturday. You will be lead through the city in a thrilling race of who has the best photo! You can check out all the information and sign up information on their website.
  9. For the fifth year in a row the festival that celebrates adult grape juice is hitting het Amsterdamse Bos again. At Bacchus wine festival you can taste and purchase all different types of wines and finger food while listening to relaxt tunes. Check out programming and all information on their website.
  10. And for the true foodie; Pure Markt at Amstelpak. What is there not to love! More than 75 distributors of local products and crafts. Take your picnic basket, stroll through the Pure Markt and end up at the local live music band stand.
Ana Franic

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